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About the Congress

WSAVA World Congress is much more than a congress. It is an opportunity for our global veterinary community to come together to learn, to share ideas and to forge relationships with colleagues from around the world. World Congress is hosted by a member association with support from the WSAVA leadership team and our professional congress organizer. It rotates through three regions of the world – the Americas, Europe/Middle East and Africa and Oceania. This year’s we are hosting our 43rd World Congress alongside the ninth Federation of Asian Small Animal Veterinary Associations (FASAVA) Congress from 25-28 September, 2018. Our member association host is the Singapore Veterinary Association.

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Scientific Program

Every World Congress boasts a cutting-edge scientific program, featuring global experts. In addition to the main program, we run a series of events and initiatives to help build networks of WSAVA members and individual veterinarians from the region with the aim of improving regional veterinary professional development. We also run regular regional outreach projects, offering opportunities for veterinarians to volunteer to use their knowledge and experience to help build a better future for people and animals in the region of the world which is hosting World Congress.


Social Program

The local association host creates a social program for each World Congress to ensure that delegates enjoy a memorable experience and appreciate the local culture and attractions of the region.



A large trade exhibition is held during World Congress and contributes to relationship-building between veterinarians and our industry partners.


Bidding for the Congresses

Hosting World Congress is hard work but member associations receive a great deal of support and there are, of course, many benefits to them and their members – not least the prestige of hosting one of the world’s most important annual congresses for small animal veterinarians and the opportunity for their members to learn from global experts in their own country.
  These expanded guidelines do not replace the SOPs for bidding for a world congress.