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Member Categories & How to Join

Here you will find all you need to know about the benefits of becoming a member, the various membership categories and how to join. Please contact for more information.


Membership Categories

There are 3 categories of membership:

  • Full/General membership:
    • This is limited to veterinary associations concerned with the medicine and surgery of companion animals having a minimum membership of one hundred (100) veterinarians. Under exceptional circumstances this minimum may be waived at the discretion of the assembly.
    • It is preferable that one association represents one country. When an application is made from an association based in the same country as another General Member, the applicant will be encouraged to form a federation with the other member association.
    • The General Members shall pay an annual membership fee to WSAVA.
  • Affiliated membership:
    • This is open to specialist organizations related to a particular area of companion animal medicine and surgery.
    • To qualify as an Affiliate Member, the specialist organization must have a membership of one hundred (100) or more veterinarians and the organization’s discipline should be of worldwide relevance.
    • Under exceptional circumstance, one or all of the above requirements may be waived at the discretion of the assembly.
    • The Affiliate Members shall pay an annual membership fee of $500 to WSAVA.
  • Associate membership:
    • This is available to associations that can satisfy the assembly that its financial resources are limited.
    • Associate Members are entitled to all the benefits of full membership.
    • Associate Members are not required to pay a membership fee and cannot be elected to join the executive board.
    • Associate Membership is limited to a period of three (3) years.
    • Upon expiry of an Associate Membership, the Associate Member is required to apply for Full/General Membership or make special request for its Associate Membership to be renewed for a further period of three (3) years.

Details of these membership categories can be viewed in full at the WSAVA by-laws.


How to Join


An application form must be submitted to the Honorary Secretary with all requested information 60 days prior to the next assembly meeting.
It is the assembly members at the WSAVA annual assembly meeting that ultimately decide whether or not to accept a member application.
As per the WSAVA by-laws, applicants are expected to have a representative attend the next assembly meeting to answer any questions that may arise.

Annual dues

Membership fee is calculated as the square root of the number of members X 30 with a multiplier that is compounded on a year to year basis to take into account the annual cost of living.
As an example, for an association with 100 members, the annual membership fee for 2017 would be:
Square root of 100 = 10 X 30 = 300 X 1.137 (2017 multiplier) = total annual fee of $352.00 US Dollars.