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Veterinary Society of Surgical Oncology


Address: 300 W Drake Fort Collins CO 80523 United States of America

Country: USA

Region: The Americas

Telephone no: 352-392-2235


Members: 523

Status: Affiliate

Tier: Tier 3

President: Dr. William (Bill) T.N. Culp

Rep: Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn


Vision, Mission & Objectives

The Veterinary Society of Surgical Oncology (VSSO) was developed to bring together individuals with various backgrounds but similar goals: to more effectively treat veterinary patients with cancer and to advance the understanding of cancer across species. While much of our focus is placed on the surgical aspects of oncology, we incorporate the principles of other treatment modalities and focus on utilizing evidence-based medicine in our daily practice.

Priorities for the Upcoming Year

Improve the relationship between WSAVA and VSSO and provide common oncologic education for veterinarians everywhere.