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Vereinigung Oesterreichischer Kleintiermadiziner


Address: Eggenberg 31 4652 Fischlham Austria

Country: Austria

Region: Europe

Telephone no:


Members: 1250

Status: Full

Tier: Tier 3

President: Dr. Hannes Gressl

Rep: Dr. Manfred Hochleithner


Vision, Mission & Objectives

Founded in  1985 by Dr. Margarete HASCHKA, Dr. H. Klaus DREIER and 
Dr. Silvia LEUGNER
Since 1986 regular annual conferences in small animal medicine with national and international speakers.
Dr. Klaus Dreier was President of the Austrian Veterinary Association (VOEK) from 1992 - 1998, a period which followed the staging of the most successful WSAVA VOEK Congress in Vienna in 1991. He was subsequently elected to the Board of WSAVA and served as President from 1998 - 2000.

Priorities for the Upcoming Year

Highlight 2019:
34. VOEK Annual Conference (VOEK Jahrestagung)
20.-22.09.2019, Salzburg