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Tunisian General Union of Veterinarians


Address: PO Box 267 Tunis Mahrajène 1082 Tunis Tunisie

Country: Tunisia

Region: Africa

Telephone no:


Members: 120

Status: Associate

Tier: Tier 2

President: Dr. Faouzi Kerchid

Rep: Dr. Faouzi Kerchid


Vision, Mission & Objectives

The Tunisian Veterinary General Union (Union Generale des Medecins Vterinaires Tunisien or UGMVT ) is a professional veterinary organization gathering veterinarians working in Tunisia whatever the type of activity they practice.
Its main objectives are to develop among its members, team spirit, multidisciplinary work and a strong professional ethic, to contribute to the improvement and promotion of scientific and moral level of its members, improve quality of services provided by veterinarians and promote the progress of science and technology.
Our union also aims to contribute to a better perception of the animal, by the people, for the role it plays in the well-being of human being and in the rural economy, to help government agencies to design a better policy of health protection and development of productions for all animal species and to contribute to the development of health policies more in compliance with new societal and economical expectations, of the population.
The UGMVT activities are many and varied and are mainly targeting the cohesion between its members, the strengthening of links between them and the promotion of the profession. These activities are divided into: scientific, cultural and social activities to strengthen public-private partnership "PPP" based on the fact that what we call "Veterinary Services" is a public good and concerns both the state veterinary officers and those working in the private sector.
Scientific activities are materialized through the organization of scientific events in order to contribute to the advancement of science, the establishment of common bases for reflection, action and cooperation with organizations with similar or overlapping interests. These activities extend to the establishment of think tanks and for any proposal regarding the health system, according to the new concept of "One World, One Health" and for large livestock economy issues and all those linked to various fields related to veterinary Education (Initial Training and continuing education), animal health, veterinary public health and public health as well as other issues related to the aforementioned areas of concern.
Cultural and social activities are summed up in the organization of cultural and sport events and in participating in the life of the nation, by integrating into civil society and becoming involved in the democratic and citizenship process.
Development activities consist in contributing to the improvement of services rendered by its members and in participating in the supervision of farmers and of production and livestock product processing structures, activities promoting the veterinary profession and rising awareness of the public and decision makers, consisting in the organization of targeted conferences, chaired by experts in the domain as well as in the organization of other types of veterinary events, such as forums, seminars, round tables, congresses, symposiums and networks.
Our Union intends to develop complementary relationships with government agencies and bodies and other professional veterinary organizations with similar or overlapping interests.

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