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Society of Japanese Companion Animal Practitioners


Address: 1-1 Yanagido Gifu Gifu Japan 501-1194

Country: Japan

Region: Asia

Telephone no: 81-58-230-2960



Status: Full

Tier: Tier 2

President: Dr. Shigekatsu Motoyoshi

Rep: Dr. Takashi Koseki


Vision, Mission & Objectives

SJCAP consists of several small/medium scale Japanese scientific/research societies including Tokyo Small Animal Veterinary Association, Japanese Veterinary Critical Care and Management Society, and Japanese Society of Traditional Veterinary Medicine.
In 2011, SJCAP sufficiently communicated with those societies/groups and made good efforts to establish better relationship with them.
Initially, a small group of vets are working for help organizing Asian specialization process in Japan guided by Dr. Brovida at the 2005 meeting. Japanese anesthesiology/surgery association was working to create surgery specialization domestically, however, SJCAP made this system as a step and helped organizing Asian surgery meeting in Taiwan. A new movement of organizing SJCAP has gained interest that hope continuously develops Japanese vet medicine along with WSAVA and Asian countries. Five hundred and seven solid members are gathering to start SJCAP now and will expand more than 1000 soon and there are many supportive sponsors. SJCAP would function as part of WSAVA for developing world wide veterinary medicine especially in Asia. SJCAP would play an important role for communication with other nations for future younger veterinariany generations in Japan and Asia.