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Mexican Small Animal Veterinary Association


Address: Av. San Jerónimo 1431 Colonia 10200 Mexico City

Country: Mexico

Region: The Americas

Telephone no:


Members: 120

Status: Full

Tier: Tier 2

President: Dr. Riad Katrib

Rep: Dr. Riad Katrib

Vision, Mission & Objectives

In 2012, group of prestigious Mexican Veteriarians, most of them professors of the National University, united to reactivate the Mexican Association of Small Animal Veterinarians (AMMVEPE). This association, formed 50 years ago, had been inactive for five years.
For us, it was important to continue with the work of AMMVEPE, the oldest veterinary association in the country. Initially, the board was formed by three veterinarians, right now, all seats on the board are occupied by veterinarians with a genuine interest in helping the association grow and to unite the practice of Veterinary Medicine in our country. 
The last Wednesday of every month we have an academic session in a borrowed auditorium at the University, with an average attendance of 80 doctors. We also have an annual meeting that was in different cities for 4 years, but is now stationed in Acapulco, we have an attendance of 650 doctors in average. In December, we have a course of different interest topics for continued education. 
Currently, we have more than 40 signed members, but are continuing to grow. Under AMMVEPE, there are several specialty associations that have formed that have their own members, like the Orthopedic association, Oncologists and exotic pets.

Priorities for the Upcoming Year

Our National Congress in Acapulco, May 16-19, which will feature a WSAVA conference room.