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Iran Small Animal Veterinary Association


Address: P.O. Box 14195-746 Tehran Iran

Country: Iran

Region: Middle East

Telephone no: +0098 21 66906700


Members: 360

Status: Full

Tier: Tier 2

President: Dr. Farrokh reza Kabir

Rep: Dr. Mahan Bitaraf


Vision, Mission & Objectives

Iranian Small animal Veterinary Association (ISAVA) founded in 2005 with the accreditation of government’s Interior ministry. The main purposes of this non-governmental organization is to establish a better relationship between small animal practitioners, improving the quality of companion animal medicine, and playing an effective role in facing the issues and problems of this field of veterinary practice

We have over 300 members by the end of 2018
Board meetings are held on a monthly basis to review the issues of the community members, pet clinics and hospitals, pharmacies and other related companies.

Priorities for the Upcoming Year

2019 CE
Second cardiology seminar
More connection with veterinary council