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Association Scientific Veterinary Council of Cuba



Country: Cuba

Region: The Americas

Telephone no: (53) 48776766


Members: 700

Status: Associate

Tier: Tier 2

President: Dr. Beatriz Amaro Villanueva

Rep: Dr. Jesús M. Moreno Lazo


Vision, Mission & Objectives

The National Association of Veterinary Medicine of Cuba was founded in December, 14th, 1908 by a group of distinguished veterinarians, almost in their totality professors of the Veterinary School of Havana University. With the purpose to defend the moral and material interests of veterinary profession, and to let know through a proper promotion, the importance of veterinary medicine, in the economy, as well as in the society and in the field of public health. We also play an important role in the improvement and development of cattle richness of the country. That same year the first Cuban Journal of Veterinary Medicine was printed.

In the last 100 years, there have been many transformations of this Association. In August 1967, it was decided to change the name for Scientific Veterinary Council of Cuba, which functions include the organization and leadership of activities and scientific research, creating a center for information and documentation to keep its members informed. The Scientific Societies were created with full functional autonomy, later, and considering the collective thinking, the Statutes were modified and approved. The Veterinary Scientific Council of Cuba's first great goal is the scientific technical improvement of veterinarians and all professional that develop its activities in the field of Veterinary Sciences.

The Veterinary Scientific Council of Cuba has a national character, its integrated by 14 Scientific Societies and 15 provincial groups, as well as chapters in all municipalities of the country. The Veterinary Scientific Council of Cuba is under the 131-0-3225, Tome I, Folio 164 expedient of the Association Registration of Justice Ministry of the Republic of Cuba.

Looking to the future, focusing on concern for animal welfare, pet protection and the protection of the environment.