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Companion Animal Veterinarians branch of the New Zealand Veterinary Association


Address: P.O. Box 11-212 Manners Street Wellington 6142 New Zealand

Country: NewZealand

Region: Oceania

Telephone no: +64 4 471 0484


Members: 767

Status: Full

Tier: Tier 3

President: Dr Natalie Lloyd

Rep: Dr Lorelle Barrett


Vision, Mission & Objectives

CAV was founded in the 1960's becoming a WSAVA member in the 80s. Membership has grown from 300 to 1,126 since then. The Companion Quarterly is our magazine launched in 1990 and is published quarterly. This, along with regular email bulletins, keeps our members up to date with topics related to companion animal practice.

We have an executive committee of 9 vets from around NZ who meet 4-5 times per year and invite guests to discuss issues relevant to companion animals at these meetings. We are active in planning and delivering quality CPD to NZ companion animal veterinarians, advocating for animal welfare and responsible urban animal management. Our vision is for a thriving companion animal practice in New Zealand and our mission is to promote and support companion animal veterinarians in New Zealand. 

Priorities for the Upcoming Year

This year we are focusing on improving our communications with our members by increasing the frequency of our email bulletin from quarterly to monthly. We are currently in the process of employing a veterinary resource manager to work jointly with CAV and the NZVA. With this in mind we are looking carefully at how we can streamline our processes and deliver better value to our members.