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Academy of Veterinary Dentistry


Address: AVDC Executive Director 103 E Calderwood Drive, Suite 110 Meridian, Idaho 83642, USA

Country: USA

Region: The Americas

Telephone no: (858) 335 6454


Members: 140

Status: Affiliate

Tier: Tier 3

President: Dr. Barden Greenfeild

Rep: Dr. Brook A. Niemiec


Vision, Mission & Objectives

The Academy of veterinary dentistry is the original certification entity which was founded in 1987 to bring together the various people who were promoting veterinary dentistry.
It has since grown to an international association who's main propose is dental education.
The Academy was formed to recognize individuals who dedicate a significant part of their professional activities to veterinary dental practice, instruction or research.
The Academy is dedicated to the continued improvement of practice standards and knowledge of veterinary dentistry.
We encourage (and offer financial support for) instruction and research in Schools of Veterinary Medicine and share our knowledge and experiences with practitioners through programs in continuing education.

Priorities for the Upcoming Year

Veterinary Dental Forum