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Associacao Portugesa de Medicos Veterinarios Especialistas em Animais de Companhia


Address: Rua Americo Durao 18D,1900-064 Lisboa Portugal

Country: Portugal

Region: Europe

Telephone no: +351 218 404 179


Members: 310

Status: Full

Tier: Tier 3

President: Dra. Lisa Mestrinho

Rep: Dr. Emir Chaher

Telephone no: +351 218 404 179


Vision, Mission & Objectives

APMVEAC (Associação Portuguesa de Médicos Veterinários Especialistas em Animais de Companhia) was founded in 1990 as a professional body to serve veterinary surgeons working with companion animals in Portugal.

APMVEAC represents more than 2.500 companion animal veterinarians working in Portugal.

APMVEAC strives to improve the professional development of its members and therefore improve the veterinary care of companion animals.

We also represent a voice for companion animal matters at national level and work closely with other veterinary organizations both national and international.

Priorities for the Upcoming Year

Increase and improve CE offer for veterinarians and nurses, development of new clinical guidelines, reinforcement of clinical working groups. Further improvement of internal administrative and financial protocols. Increase number of members. Expand number of sponsors.