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Associacion De Medicos Veterinarios Especialistas en Pequenas Especies


Address: Juan Gonzalez N35-148 e Ignacio San María Quito Ecuador

Country: Ecuador

Region: The Americas

Telephone no: +5932 2466763


Members: 150

Status: Full

Tier: Tier 2

President: Dr. Luis Bastidas

Rep: Dr. Germán A. Fierro Pazmiño


Vision, Mission & Objectives

AMVEPE (Asociacion de Medicos Veterinarios especialistas en Pequenas Especies) has continued its efforts in organizing continuous education to members and non members, has councelled the government in the writing of laws and regulations for the care of pets, and has helped in the organizing of various events.
Born as a group of professionals interested in veterinary clinical and surgical medicine of small animals or pets in the city of Quito in 1974.
AMVEPE obtained legal status on July 2, 1996 from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry today of Agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries MAGAP.
It remains today as a growing group of veterinarians interested in updating knowledge and continuing education.