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Therapeutic Guidelines Group’s Position Statement

Published: 8/19/2019

Position Statement confirms the Therapeutic Guidelines Group’s intent to facilitate the ready supply of essential medicines to veterinarians globally

Our Therapeutic Guidelines Group (TGG) is working to ensure that all companion animal veterinarians have access to the high-quality essential medicines they require to ensure the optimal health and welfare of their patients without compromising human, animal and environmental health. The current situation is far from ideal, with many veterinarians, particularly those in developing countries, struggling to ensure supplies of even some basic veterinary medications.
During #WSAVA 2019, we took a decisive step forward with the signing of a joint position statement with the World Veterinary Association and HealthforAnimals. It calls for harmonization and regulatory convergence to support the safe and effective use of veterinary medicines.
Dr Luca Guardabassi, Co-Chair of the TGG, says: “The Position Statement is an important document, addressing the regulatory hurdles that contribute to limit the availability of essential veterinary medicines in many regions and countries of the world.  A joint statement from the key animal health stakeholders and organizations is an important foundation in helping us to overcome these hurdles in the future.”