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Canadian Veterinarian to Receive the 2019 Covetrus International Veterinary Community Service Award

Published: 7/7/2019

Canadian veterinarian Dr David Waltner-Toews is to receive the Covetrus International Veterinary Community Service Award at this year’s WSAVA World Congress in Toronto.

The Award, for which he was nominated by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), recognizes veterinarians who have performed exceptional acts of valour or demonstrated a commitment to serve the international community.
A University Professor Emeritus at University of Guelph, Dr Waltner-Toews is an
epidemiologist, veterinarian, researcher, teacher, a specialist in ecosystem approaches to human health, an essayist and a writer of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry.  He was  nominated for the award as the founder of Veterinarians without Borders/ Vétérinaires sans Frontières – Canada, an international development organization that aims to improve the health of animals, people and the environment.
He is also the founder of the Network for Ecosystem Sustainability and Health and the Communities of Practice for Ecosystem Approaches to Health in Canada.  Both organizations work to understand and promote the health and wellbeing of humans, animals and ecosystems in the context of complex social-ecological systems, focusing on the interplay between health in the strict sense of the word, the social determinants of health, and ecosystem sustainability.
Dr Terri Chotowetz, CVMA President, said: “Dr Waltner-Toews is making extraordinary contributions to the health of people, animals and the environment, the philosophy of science, ethics, culture and international development.” 
We congratulate Dr Waltner-Toews on receiving this prestigious award and look forward to welcoming him to WSAVA World Congress.