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Watch and learn with VetFolio’s Surgery Library

Published: 6/30/2017

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Do you have a surgery scheduled that you haven't performed in a while? Possibly ever? Instead of grabbing the surgery text for a refresher, why not check out VetFolio’s Surgery Library? If you do, you’ll pick up tips and learn techniques from one of the best veterinary surgeons in the business, John Berg, DVM, DACVS. He shares his educational surgery videos captured during the course of his busy days with students at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine. Each video contains a brief introduction from him, a textbook view of the surgery followed by the video itself.

One of the most popular resources on VetFolio, the library includes more than 30 surgeries including urogenital, gastrointestinal and general soft tissue surgeries, upper airway surgeries, splenic and liver surgeries and surgeries of the ear.

Don’t forget: If you are a Spanish speaker, VetFolio offers resources for you too! VetFolio en Español features ten courses from SEVC 2016, for which CE is available. Additionally, the platform includes course recordings from the 2016 Latin American Veterinary Conference.

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