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WSAVA members from Oceania brainstorm challenges and opportunities at FASAVA

Published: 9/15/2017

WSAVA Members Forum sparks lively discussion.

WSAVA members from the Oceania region gathered during FASAVA Congress on 12 August to discuss the challenges and opportunities they face and to learn more about the benefits of WSAVA membership. They were joined by Dr Shane Ryan, WSAVA Executive Board member: Dr Brook Niemiec, Chair of the Regional Member Advocate (RMA) Committee, Dr Graham Swinney, RMA for Oceania and Dr Monchanok (Boom) Vijarnsorn, RMA for Asia. Three topics emerged as priorities in the region:

  • The limited availability of drugs.
  • A lack of qualified vet nurses.
  • The constraints and challenges faced by veterinarians in their continuing education (CE).


The member representatives agreed to work together to create an action plan to solve these problems which will be presented to the Executive Board in due course for approval and implementation. Dr Brook Niemiec says: “It was great to work with our Oceania members to help them to work together to meet the challenges they are facing. I will be helping to develop the action plan so that we can really start to make some progress in the months ahead. We hope that the solutions we develop for the Oceania region may serve as a blueprint for other countries.

“We thank our members for coming to the meeting and look forward to working with them!”

View the WSAVA’s position statement on the availability and accessibility of medicinal products for companion animal use.

Photo left to right: Dr Edgardo Unson, PAHA Philippines; Dr Soenarti ‘Narti, ISAVA Indonesia; Dr Vu Ngoc Yen, VSAVA Vietnam Dr Monchanok Vijarnsorn ‘Boom’, RMA/VPAT Thailand. Back row: Dr Graham Swinney, Dr Brook Niemiec, Dr Shane Ryan.