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WSAVA leads the way on One Health

Published: 6/4/2018

Distance is no object when it comes to delivering our message! Representing the veterinary profession within the One Health debate is one of the WSAVA’s key priorities so when Executive Board member Renee Hoynck was asked to address a local CE meeting for doctors in her home town of Den Helder, Holland, it was a great opportunity to help spread our message.

She contacted WSAVA One Health Committee Dr Mike Lappin to invite him to address the doctors directly.  He prepared a presentation entitled ‘Small Animal Zoonoses’ and, despite being in Patagonia on the day of the meeting – 23 March - he joined live via wifi to give the presentation and and answer questions from the doctors. The doctors were also given a copy of a peer-reviewed scientific paper in a prestigious human medicine journal, American Family Physician, authored by WSAVA Executive Board Member Emeritus Professor Michael Day.

Renee Hoynck says:  “It can be difficult to encourage doctors to embrace the concept of One Health so this meeting was, attended by 50 doctors was particularly exciting because they specifically asked us to talk to them because they wanted a veterinarian perspective.  Mike did a great job and the doctors’ found the meeting very useful.

 “We will make the presentation available to our members so that you can use it in your own regions to help us continue to deliver the message that the voice of the companion animal veterinarian is critical in One Health discussions.  It is coming soon so stay tuned!”

Read the article from American Family Physcian.