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WSAVA Survey Highlights Lack of Access to Therapeutics for Veterinarians

Published: 2/14/2017

Findings confirm our concerns and inspire action!

As an outcome of our Global Pain Council’s campaign to encourage veterinarians, drug companies and legislators to enhance the availability of veterinary therapeutics globally, we carried out a survey of members in the Fall of 2016. 30 member associations took part.

Unfortunately, more than 75% of the respondents indicated that access to veterinary medical products was hampering their ability to meet the needs of their patients and 20% assessed the impact as ‘severe’. Wherever they are, veterinarians require easy access to appropriate veterinary therapeutics in order to care for patients to the highest standard so we are concerned at this finding. This same issue was raised as a common and significant issue facing our WSAVA Global Veterinary Community during the WSAVA Members Forum held during our 2016 World Congress. We are formulating an urgent response and action plan. Stay tuned for an update!

You can read the full report – together with our Position Statement on access to veterinary therapeutics – here