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WSAVA One Health recipient launches app

Published: 4/2/2018

Blue Dog app helps children to live safely with their dog. The Blue Dog, recipient of the 2017 Global Health Award, has launched its latest educational resource – an app – to help children live safely with their dog.  Since its launch in 2006, the Blue Dog Trust has evolved to offer a range of educational resources for parents and school teachers to teach young children how to interact with their dog.  Its work and resources have spread around the world. 

Its new app for tablets is available at the App Store with a version for androids coming soon.

The app has been produced by the German Veterinary Medical Association (DVG) and includes a Parent Guide in English and German.

Congratulations to the German Blue Dog team led by Dr Susanne Alldinger, Dr Marion Selig and Dr Hildegard Jung!

The Blue Dog Team celebrating ten years of Blue Dog in Germany and launching the app (from left to right): Dr Stefanie Märzheuser, Dr Wolfgang Dohne, Sarah Heath, Prof Tiny De Keuster, Alldinger, Dr Hildegard Jung, Prof Kerstin Meints.