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WSAVA Makes Waves in Latin America

Published: 8/10/2016

Our World Congress in Cartagena next month is the culmination of a number of collaborations with our colleagues in Latin America this year.

Latin America is one of the fastest-growing regions of the world with the services of companion animal veterinarians heavily in demand as levels of pet ownership rise. For this reason, it is inspiring to see such enthusiasm and support from our Latin American members. During 2016, in the run up to WSAVA World Congress in Cartagena, Colombia, we have focused on demonstrating how WSAVA membership can benefit individual veterinarians and our member associations in this region.

During June, the WSAVA representative for the Asociacón de Veterinarios Especializados en Animales de Compaňia de Argentina (AVEACA), Dr Guillermina Manigot, worked with us on a CE tour of three key cities in Argentina – Baha Blanca, Tucuman and Buenos Aires. The speaker was Dr Rafael Ruiz de Gopegui, Head of Internal Medicine at the University of Barcelona in Spain, and covered haematologic emergencies, the interpretation of haemograms and leukograms, platelet disorders and diseases that involve polydipsia/ polyuria. They are both pictured above.

Dr Manigot comments: “Dr de Gopegui was a fantastic speaker and delegates said he made it fun to learn about topics that can be difficult to understand. We also welcomed WSAVA Regional Advocate for Latin America, Dr Juan Jose Krauss, who discussed the WSAVA’s work, including, of course, World Congress in Cartagena! The experience enriched us and encouraged many colleagues to join AVEACA and even to create regional support groups within Argentina as the country’s size can be isolating. We really appreciated the WSAVA’s involvement with this venture and we’re already planning next year’s events!”

On 26 June, in Quito, Ecuador, Dr Claudia Espina from Argentina led a WSAVA CE session on Feline Medicine to more than 300 delegates. Another great CE success!

We’re grateful to our corporate CE sponsors Bayer, Hill’s, Purina and MSD for their help with these sessions which are empowering the next generation of Latin American veterinarians.