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WSAVA CE Committee says thank you to Maggie Hodgson

Published: 9/3/2018
Emma van Rooijen is new CE point of contact...

The WSAVA CE Committee runs meetings in more than 30 countries each year - a major organizational and logistical challenge! For the last four years, the Committee’s Administrator, Maggie Hodgson, has supported Committee Chair Dr Zoe Belshaw and previous Chair Professor Jill Maddison. She has been a constant presence and her dedication has been a key factor in the CE program’s success. Maggie has now taken a well-deserved retirement so we thank her for all she has done for us and wish her well for the future.

Maggie Hodgson
To replace Maggie, we’re delighted to welcome Emma van Rooijen to the role of Admin Support to the CE Committee. A past president of IVSA, she knows the WSAVA well and already works as WSAVA Executive Assistant. Now she brings her passion for CE to the CE Committee!

She says: “As a global community, it's important that we take the lead with CE and I will make life a little easier for Committee members and help to increase the quality and quantity of the CE we offer. Maggie has done an amazing job and it's impressive to see how much Zoe and the co-ordinators have done. I’m excited to join the team.”

Zoe Belshaw says: “Strong administrative support is vital for such a complex activity and, without it, we simply could not run so many meetings in so many countries. Maggie helped us enormously over the years and her attention to detail ensured that we ran the program efficiently and effectively. She will be missed!

“We are also delighted to welcome Emma to the role. She brings lots of new ideas and, with her help, we look forward to taking CE to new heights next year.”

Emma van Rooijen is now first point of contact for CE questions. Please contact her at