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WSAVA CE – Could your association support another member’s development?

Published: 3/11/2019

Thank you to ASAV and BSAVA for their contribution to raising veterinary standards globally... Within our global community, standards of veterinary practice vary depending on the level of development of companion animal practice in the region.  We are grateful to some of our financially stronger member associations for stepping up to support the WSAVA CE Committee to help our newer members to raise standards of veterinary care in their regions.

Australian Small Animal Veterinarians (ASAV)

ASAV has supported the Vietnam Small Animal Veterinary Association for five years in collaboration with WSAVA CE.  A range of courses have been successfully run in Vietnam, many involving Australian specialists. They have all been enthusiastically received. 

ASAV Executive Officer Linda Skauge says: “Our goal was to improve animal welfare by improving the standard of general practice companion animal veterinary care in another country. We also wanted to be part of the WSAVA’s global veterinary community in a practical way. We see our collaboration with VSAVA and WSAVA CE as a great opportunity for Australian specialists to contribute to the improvement of veterinary practice in our region. We hope more of our colleagues will build relationships with the profession in Vietnam and take students and practitioners for placements in Australia.

“We are confident our members will continue their support of WSAVA CE in Asia and we encourage other WSAVA member associations to support the great work WSAVA is doing in bringing expert presenters to those veterinarians in developing countries who would not otherwise have access to CE of this calibre.”

British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA)

BSAVA’s International Affairs Committee is a long-term supporter of our Sub-Saharan CE program.  In 2018, it helped us to run a series of CE lectures in Kenya focusing on our recently launched Global Dental Guidelines. As the Kenyan Small Companion Veterinary Association (KESCAVA) is going from strength to strength, thanks in part to the CE support we have been able to offer, it is now successfully organizing its own CE meetings. Congratulations KESCAVA!  We were also able to organize lectures in Botswana, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe during the year.

Mark R Johnston, BVetMed MRCVS and WSAVA Member Representative, says: “We are proud to support the WSAVA’s sub-Saharan CE program and it is encouraging to see the number of countries supported and the number of vets involved continuing to grow. What is particularly pleasing is to see how the WSAVA’s CE programs inspire local organizers to start running meetings of their own.”

BSAVA also supports the WSAVA Foundation’s AFSCAN initiative through funding the travel of an AFSCAN Scholar to its annual congress.  Krista Arnold Dr Med Vet MRCVS, Chair of BSAVA’s International Affairs Committee, says: “We are delighted to bring a future leader of the veterinary profession in Africa to BSAVA Congress each year.  Recent AFSCAN Scholars Professor Susan Mbugua and Dr Benjamin Omondi Oundo, both from Kenya, were hosted during BSAVA Congress 2016 and 2017, together with other BSAVA Scholars from Europe. In addition to enabling them to attend scientific lectures, I believe it is important to maximize their experience and their engagement with colleagues from their field of interest during their stay. “

If your association would like to help support WSAVA CE, please contact Emma van Rooijen.  Thank you.