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VPAN Eyes Full WSAVA Membership

Published: 8/11/2016

. The Veterinary Practitioners Association of Nepal (VPAN) will apply for full membership of the WSAVA at World Congress this year. It is making final preparations for its application despite the fact that it has fewer than 100 veterinarians and is still recovering from the devastating earthquake of 2015.

VPAN President Dr Mukti Shrestha, explains: “We’ve always aspired to be full WSAVA members because we believe it will offer VPAN members opportunities to help us develop the profession in our country, updating our knowledge and skills and building our confidence and professional capacity to enable us to provide better standards of veterinary care and welfare to companion animals.

“The last year has been challenging as we’ve been delivering relief work following the earthquake, which killed almost 9,000 people, together with thousands of large and small animals and poultry. Many more were injured. Together with our partners, we’ve been involved with sanitization and carcass management, medical and surgical treatment, vaccination and, of course, on-going veterinary care. We’ve also helped with the reconstruction of animal sheds and the distribution of goats in the most badly affected villages. We were only able to offer this help thanks to the financial support we received from organizations, including the WSAVA, Veterinary Practitioners Association of Thailand (VPAT) and the Hong Kong Vet Association. We are most grateful for their support.”

He adds: “With the situation slowly returning to normal, it is the right time for us to join the WSAVA’s global veterinary community and we are looking forward to playing our full part.”