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Resources from the WSAVA's Global Educational Partners

Published: 1/14/2019

Check out these updates on veterinary dentistry... Clinician’s Brief

Limitations of Oral Examination in the Conscious Patient

Image Gallery: Dental Radiography

JSAP + BSAVA Companion

Prospective randomised blinded clinical trial assessing effectiveness of three dental plaque control methods in dogs.
R. M. Allan, V. J. Adams, N. W. Johnston

A longitudinal assessment of periodontal health status in 53 Labrador retrievers
C. Wallis, K. V. Patel, M. Marshall, R. Staunton, L. Milella, S. Harris,L. J. Holcombe


Pediatric Dentistry
Learn how normal anatomy, normal tooth development, and normal occlusion can allow you to properly diagnose and treat oral pathology that occurs in puppies and kittens under one year of age.

Tighten Your Dentistry Knowledge
Content: Anatomy, dental charting and the dental prophylaxis are the building blocks that serve as the foundation of the dentistry practice. Learn how knowledge and skills in these three areas make the technician a valuable part of the dentistry team. 


Gingival enlargement

Gingivectomy and gingivoplasty