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Remembering Two Former WSAVA Presidents

Published: 3/22/2017

The first week of March was a sad one for the WSAVA as two of our past presidents, Professor Carl Osborne (1982-84) and Dr Andrew Edney (1990-92) passed away within three days of each other. Current Past President, Professor Colin Burrows pays tribute to them here.

“Carl Osborne was based at the University of Minnesota, USA. He was a globally renowned urologist and founder of the Minnesota Urolith Center (MUC). The MUC has analyzed more than one million stones sent in from around the world and has made a huge contribution of our understanding of kidney and bladder stones in dogs and cats. It has also led to many advances in treatment.

Carl was a true visionary and a quiet leader. I first met him at an AVMA meeting in Philadelphia in the 1970’s where he was a speaker. I very much enjoyed the presentations he gave. Carl served the veterinary profession and the WSAVA with great dedication and we are poorer for his passing. He will be greatly missed.”

“Andrew was instrumental in developing our CE work during the early 1990s and supported our expansion into Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia. He was a great raconteur and had an interesting life in practice which he profiled in a self-published autobiography called: ‘And While You’re Here – Episodes in a Vet’s Life’. He developed a strong interest in art and gave a wonderful presentation on animals in art to several NAVC Conferences. He did not make it last year’s World Congress and I was looking forward to meeting him again in Copenhagen. Sadly, that is not to be. We miss you Andrew; somewhere I know, people are still laughing at your self-deprecating stories.”

Professor Peter Bedford from the UK was WSAVA Honorary Secretary at the time that Andrew was WSAVA President. He says: “I got to know him well as we worked on WSAVA priorities at the time, which were growing the membership and setting up the CE program. Fortunately, we both have a sense of humour and I particularly remember an occasion when we were in the passport line to enter Australia for a WVA meeting. The officer flipped through Andrew’s passport, gave him a long hard look and I heard him say: “Do you have a criminal record?" Andrew returned the stare replied: "I didn’t know you still had to have one to get into this country.” The officer’s stare melted into a smile, the passport was stamped and Andrew was in. Humour got us through some politically difficult moments and he will always live on in my memory.”


   Andrew Edney                Carl Osborne                                      

                                              Photo courtesy of U of MN College of Veterinary Medicine

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