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Regional Member Advocate appointed for Europe

Published: 6/30/2017

Our regional taskforce is working to help you!

Following on from the appointment of Dr Monchanok (Boom) Vijarnsorn as Regional Member Advocate (RMA) for Asia, we are delighted to announce that Dr Janne Orro, Member Representative for Estonia, has now been appointed as RMA for Europe with a special focus on Eastern Europe.

Janne has been Assembly Member for the WSAVA and Council Member for the FECAVA for several years and takes up her new role with a special focus on our members in Eastern Europe. Her nomination was approved by the Executive Board and has been ratified by our European members. WSAVA Honorary Secretary Renee Hoynck will continue to act as RMA for Western Europe until another member steps forward to fulfil this role. She says: “I have known Janne for a long time and believe she is the perfect person to play this key role in Europe. She will take her place on the RMA Committee during WSAVA World Congress in Copenhagen and will help us to drive forward our agenda of enhancing veterinary care in Europe and around the world.”

Individual RMA members are each tasked with helping us to implement our initiatives locally so that veterinarians in their regions derive real and practical benefit.

We congratulate Janne and send her our thanks and good wishes as she steps up to this exciting new role!

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