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Recipient of WSAVA One Health Award announced

Published: 8/2/2017

Congratulations to the Blue Dog Programme for helping to keep children safe around dogs!

The Blue Dog Programme, an initiative to help children to interact safely with dogs, has been awarded the WSAVA’s 2017 Global One Health Award. It will be accepted by Professor Tiny de Keuster, a European Veterinary Specialist in Behavioural Medicine (Companion Animals) and founder of the programme at World Congress in Copenhagen (pictured).

Blue Dog offers a range of educational resources for children, parents and school teachers. Its new website will be unveiled in September 2017.

In addition to offering help reduce the risk of dog bites, Blue Dog provides a range of information to help families select and care responsibly for a suitable dog. Its work has now spread around the world.

WSAVA One Health Committee Chair Professor Michael Day says: “Blue Dog is an inspiring example of a project that aims to tackle this problem by providing a science-based, but practical solution to help keep children safe around dogs. It is a perfect example of One Health in action and we are delighted to recognise its achievements with the award of this year’s Global One Health Award to the Blue Dog team.”

Read the full press release.

Don’t miss Professor de Keuster’s Awards Lecture during WSAVA World Congress: ‘Safe relationships between children and dogs: a One Health approach’.