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Purina Institute launched to highlight nutrition's importance to pet health

Published: 9/3/2018

Aims to put nutrition discussions at the forefront... One of the WSAVA’s most generous partners, Nestlé Purina PetCare, has recently launched the Purina Institute with the goal of putting nutrition at the forefront of conversations about pet health. The Purina Institute shares the company’s research and the latest scientific findings in pet nutrition to enable veterinarians and other pet professionals to make nutrition a foundational element of their conversations with pet owners.

“There has never been a better time to bring nutrition to the fore and to have a fact-based scientific conversation,” says Dr Lizzie Parker, Group Director, Purina Institute. “There is a heightened level of awareness and interest in human nutrition but, in fact, nutrition can potentially play an even more powerful role in promoting our pets’ health.

“Our researchers are dedicated to making new scientific breakthroughs and committed to facilitating knowledge-sharing with the scientific community, enabling pets and the people who love them to benefit from our work.”

She continues: “Research into the 20 leading health topics evaluated by veterinarians around the world conducted by the Purina Nutrition Institute showed that nutrition is ranked 18th overall in both interest and importance. [i] Only 22 percent of veterinarians say they initiate nutrition conversations with their clients. [ii] This is a missed opportunity as the overwhelming majority of pet owners (83%) say they completely trust veterinarians to provide helpful information on pet food, yet less than half receive this information from veterinarians.²

“The Purina Institute will provide veterinarians with science-based, user-friendly facts and information that will support them in their interactions with pet owners.”

Lizzie Parker
Dr Gregg Takashima, Co-Chair of the WSAVA’s Global Nutrition Committee, says: “The GNC is working to help the veterinary healthcare team and the public understand the importance of nutrition in companion animal health. The more research and education that both we and our partners in industry can provide to enhance levels of knowledge about nutrition the better.”

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