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New resources from the WSAVA’s Global Educational Partners

Published: 6/30/2017

Are you up to date with hereditary disease? Enhance your knowledge with these resources from our educational partners.

Clinician’s Brief

The Case: Suspected Bordetella Vaccine-Induced Acute Hepatic Disease.
Anuric Renal Failure and Hepatic Failure in a Dog.


Richard Ford, DVM, MS, DACVIM, DACVPM, addresses indications for the use of antibody titer testing to assess patient response to vaccination, and how to evaluate the result of the testing.

Infectious disease preparedness with a focus on canine influenza and developing an outbreak preparedness plan.


Efficacy of feline anti-parvovirus antibodies in the treatment of canine parvovirus infection.

Implication, clinical and biological impact of vector-borne haemopathogens in anaemic dogs in France: a prospective study.

Vetstream’s Vetlexicon

Canis: Babesiosis in Dogs.

Felis: Cardiopulmonary dirofilariasis in Felis (heartworm disease).