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New Veterinary Wellness Resources from VetFolio

Published: 4/10/2017

With many veterinarians struggling to achieve a healthy work-life balance and, given the unusually high rates of depression in our profession, our Global Educational Partner NAVC has launched The Wellbeing Resource Center on VetFolio, its online veterinary education and information platform.

The Wellbeing Resource Center is a portal containing a comprehensive range of information, tools, and courses to help veterinary professionals focus on their physical, emotional and mental health.

"At VetFolio, our mission is to do our part to elevate the quality of animal medical care throughout the world by providing online CE and resources for the entire veterinary community, anytime, anywhere," says VetFolio Executive Director Jay Hula. "This new Wellbeing Resource Center is a perfect way to put that mission into action, by addressing part of life for the veterinary team that is often overlooked."

We encourage you, as a WSAVA veterinarian, to take proactive steps to improve your wellbeing as this should help you to manage the highs and lows of your day-to-day work and to enjoy the career you have worked so hard to achieve. We hope you will find these new resources from VetFolio useful.

If you are a Spanish speaker, VetFolio offers resources for you too. A great deal of Spanish language content is coming soon! Make sure to look out for the SEVC courses from which CE is available. Additionally, the platform includes course recordings from the 2016 Latin American Veterinary Conference.


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