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Need to answer clients’ nutrition questions? We can help!

Published: 4/2/2018

Check out the WSAVA Global Nutrition Committee’s new FAQ. Do you constantly face questions from clients on aspects of nutrition?  There’s much interest currently in the types of treats that should be fed to dogs, for instance.  Questions about the relevance of high or low protein diets are also common, as are enquiries about the appropriateness of ‘raw food’ diets, which some pet owners view as more ‘natural’. 

Nutrition is a huge area with knowledge advancing rapidly. To help you answer questions effectively and accurately, the WSAVA Global Nutrition Committee has created a new ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ tool.  It’s packed with the answers and information on these questions and many others.  It’s available in English with much of the content also offered in Spanish. We hope it has the information you need to provide effective recommendations to your clients on nutrition issues.

Read the FAQ.

If you are still in need of help or advice, please contact the GNC direct via