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Member spotlight

Published: 4/10/2017

The Philippines Animal Hospital Association (PAHA) – Dr Edgardo Unson, Immediate Past President.

PAHA is an association of Philippine small animal clinics and hospitals created with the objective of advancing small animal practice in the country. It was established in 1978 and became a member of the WSAVA in 2012.

Is PAHA running any particular initiatives or campaigns that would interest other WSAVA members?


We have initiated a collaboration among the three largest veterinary associations in the country in order to create ONE VOICE for veterinarians and other stakeholders to work towards rabies elimination in The Philippines by 2020. It is vital to ensure work is taken strategically with support from the government and the Department of Health. We are also working with the other veterinary associations to ensure a solid approach to the proper implementation, understanding and execution of CE.


How does PAHA benefit from WSAVA membership?


Joining the WSAVA has given us a ‘compass’ so that we can follow global developments in small animal care and medicine. The learnings, the leadership, the Guidelines, the standards, the network of help and support offered to a developing country have been amazing!


What do you think are the most important areas of veterinary practice for both associations to tackle over the next few years?


  • Ensuring regulatory organizations are aligned with the importance of CE
  • Working with government and companies to support the veterinary profession in countries like the Philippines in gaining access to all the drugs and medicines we need
  • Creating new leaders, experts and specialists who will help to drive the profession forward, both in our country and at a global level
  • Enabling developing countries to become KOLs and thought leaders