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Member Spotlight

Published: 2/6/2018

Left to right: Amy Ross, Julie Hutt, Fiona Hastie, Jen Hamlin, Christina Jenkins, Kathy Waugh, Laura Harvey, Lauren Prior, Lyn Hobbs, Antoinette Ratcliffe, Robyn Taylor, Luanne Corles.

Meet the New Zealand Veterinary Nurse Association (NZVNA). The NZVNA became the first veterinary nursing association to join the WSAVA in 2014.  It represents the country’s veterinary nurses, technicians and technologists.   Antoinette Ratcliffe, journal editor at the NZVNA, tells us more:

Could you introduce NZVNA briefly to our members?

We provide advice, CPD, counselling, networking, a quarterly journal and other services to our members.  We also represent them on other committees including the International Veterinary Nurses and Technicians Association, the Education Standards Committee, New Zealand Companion Animal Health Foundation, Professional Standards Committee and the New Zealand Companion Animal Council.

How many members do you have and what is your mission?

We have 1,150 members – a number which has doubled over the past two years with the introduction of voluntary registration for members who have achieved their CE points.

We serve and represent members of the Allied Veterinary Health Community (AVHC) to protect, promote and advance clinical excellence. We advocate for increased recognition of veterinary nurses, technicians and technologists through professional advancement, while improving animal and human health to meet the needs of society. Our mission is to uphold a strong veterinary community by leading the AVHC through education, ethical governance, and support of representation and engagement of all AVHC professionals.

Are you running any particular initiatives or campaigns at the moment?

We’re currently working on our March 2018 journal. It will feature a fresh new layout design and we will also offer it as an e-copy which marks the launch of our ‘Green Membership’ – the start of our sustainability strategy.

We're also starting work on the 2018 veterinary nurse census survey which includes a salary report. We’re preparing for our annual conference in June and also setting up the process for the 2018 Vet Nurse of the Year contest.  Lots to do!

You are the first veterinary nursing association to join the WSAVA.  Why did you choose to join and how has membership helped your members?

We chose to join WSAVA so that we could represent our members on the international stage. Membership gives us a platform from which to participate in a professional international community with current research that supports the development of our industry.  It also gives our members access to WSAVA guidelines, the e-bulletin and the opportunity to attend WSAVA conferences.

Part of our new direction is to promote the associations that we are members of and the WSAVA is one of them.  We would welcome articles written by WSAVA representatives for our journal and to publish on our social media channels for our members to learn from.