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Member Spotlight

Published: 9/15/2017

Meet the Associacao Nacional de Clinicos Veterinarios de Pequenos Animals-Brasil (ANCLIVEPA-BR). Dr Marcello Roza, President of ANCLIVEPA, introduces us to his association, which was founded in 1957 to promote small animal veterinary practice in Brazil.

What are ANCLIVEPA’s key activities?

ANCLIVEPA has branches in 24 of the 27 Brazilian states and is very active in all areas of small animal medicine. We host regional CE meetings all over Brazil as well as our annual Congress, which is now in its 40th year and which includes lectures in all the specialities. In 2009, we were proud to host a very successful WSAVA World Congress in Sao Paulo.


What is the key challenge faced by veterinarians in Brazil?

We have a particular problem with the laws relating to veterinary medicines. Both veterinary and human medicines in Brazil are registered and regulated by different organizations, each of which operates in a different way. This makes it difficult for us and there are still relatively few medicines registered for use in animals. In many cases, we use medicines registered for use in humans. We are working with the WSAVA’s Global Pain Council to address this.


Why is WSAVA membership important for Brazilian veterinarians?

Being associated with the WSAVA offers a fantastic opportunity for the exchange of ideas and for learning and development among veterinarians from Brazil and other countries. Membership offers us access to a great deal of useful information and the opportunity to participate in WSAVA programs and initiatives which are also very helpful.