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Member Spotlight

Published: 6/30/2017

Meet the British Small Animal Veterinary Association!

BSAVA President John Chitty introduces one of our founding member associations which works to deliver a mission to ‘promote excellence in small animal practice through education and science.’

Tell us about changes to the veterinary profession in the UK.

We face many challenges - both internal and external. They include:

  • ‘Brexit’ – a major preoccupation here!
  • Changes in practice ownership as the number of ‘corporate-owned’ practices grows.
  • The economic situation.
  • Changes in pet-keeping practices.
  • The retention of veterinarians and veterinary nurses in the profession

We work to identify the issues our members need to address, both clinical and non-clinical, and to provide resources to help them. We take a holistic view and, together with our publications, courses and annual congress, we provide materials to help our members continue their own development. Supporting mental health and emotional wellbeing is a particular focus.


BSAVA was one of the WSAVA’s founder members. How would you describe the BSAVA’s relationship with the WSAVA today?

It is a relationship we greatly value and it enables us – and our members - to be more global in our outlook which is increasingly important in current times.


BSAVA supports the WSAVA’s CE program in Sub-Saharan Africa. Why do you believe this initiative is so important?

Our commitment is to excellence in small animal practice – and not just in the UK. Being able to support education and science in developing countries is important as the resources we can offer are not always available there. In providing support, we hope to enable the development of knowledge and resource ‘in situ’.


What aspects of the WSAVA’s work are of most value to companion animal veterinarians in the UK?

Veterinarians in the UK are aware of WSAVA but probably don’t know much beyond that. We are working to address this as we want to see our relationship flourish. It supports us in achieving our aims and enables us to participate in larger and more ambitious projects to enhance the profession globally.