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Meet our Vietnamese Translator, Dr. Huynh T Thanh Ngoc (Jade)

Published: 1/31/2019

Dr. Huynh T Thanh Ngoc, or Jade for short, has been a member of the Translation Committee since December 2018. Learn more about here in the interview below... Why is the work of the WSAVA’s Translation Committee important for Vietnamese veterinarians?
For Vietnamese veterinarians who are not 100% fluent in English, without translations, they are unable access the WSAVA’s Global Guidelines and other resources and this means that they are unable to develop their skills and learn new ways of working.

Why did you want to get involved?
I have been a translator for the VSAVA since 2010 because I wanted to help Vietnamese practitioners to benefit fully from WSAVA CE. I also contacted the speakers and asked their permission to use content from the their talks in the VSAVA newspaper and on our website. I joined the WSAVA Translation Committee in 2108. I hope my involvement will help my Vietnamese colleagues to access more of the WSAVA’s resources.

How did you find the WSAVA Global Pain Guidelines which you have recently translated?
Actually, I found them very interesting and useful. They provide very helpful guidance for practitioners, especially those just starting out, to help them control pain in the most effective way.

How many veterinarians do you hope will benefit from your translations?
We plan to publicize my translations within VSAVA CE and also send them to the veterinary faculties at 9 universities. This gives us the potential to support around 2,000 veterinarians.

What would you say to colleagues interesting in joining the WSAVA Translation Committee?
Your effort and time in creating the translations will help veterinarians who speak your language to learn and improve their practice.