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'Meet a Member - AMVEPA (Paraguay)'

Published: 6/24/2019

Dr Diana Cantero, President of the Veterinary Medical Association Specialists Small Animals Paraguay, (AMVEPA) tells us about its work: Could you briefly introduce AMVEPA?
AMVEPA is an association of veterinarians specializing in small animals. It was founded in Asunción in 1985.
What activities are you currently focused on?
We are primarily involved with providing continuing education for our members, non-members and students.  We organize workshops and hold lectures.  Every two years, we host an international Congress called CONVEPA, which is well attended.
What challenges do your members face and what are the key veterinary issues in Paraguay today?
As in all countries in Latin America, expectations of veterinarians among pet owners are increasing rapidly, so we are working to improve the standard of care we provide and to reach the same level as more developed countries. 
Unfortunately, we share other challenges with our colleagues in Latin America. An important one is the lack of respect often shown towards members of the profession and the under-valuing of our services.
Why did AMVEPA want to join the WSAVA?
We are proud to be members of the largest global association for companion animal veterinarians.  The CE provided by the WSAVA and the up to date clinical information it provides is of great benefit to our members.