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Looking for Guidance on Animal Welfare and Wellness? New WSAVA Global Guidelines Coming Soon!

Published: 10/25/2016

The WSAVA Animal Wellness and Welfare Committee (AWWC) is developing Global Guidelines to assist veterinarians to provide optimal companion animal welfare.


Animal welfare science is a rapidly developing discipline so we are creating the next in our series of Global Guidelines to meet a growing need for guidance for veterinarians in this area. They will offer recommendations for the veterinary team, offering evidence-based information and support to ensure the health, welfare and safety of the animal, the owner and the veterinary team.

Dr Shane Ryan, Co-Chair of the AWWC, says: “Veterinarians act as the pet’s advocate and we have the responsibility and the opportunity to help owners to care for their pets in a way that optimizes their welfare and quality of life.

“Given the importance of the human-animal bond, our Global Guidelines will give practical advice on all aspects of welfare in the clinical setting, both from a veterinary and an owner perspective.”

Keen to learn more now? View the AWWC’s online training modules