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Inside the WSAVA

Published: 4/10/2017

Meet Daphne Westgeest, WSAVA Assembly Member, Netherlands Association of Companion Animal Medicine (NACAM)

Tell us about yourself


I work in a mixed veterinary practice with three clinics in the central Netherlands and focus on companion animals with a special interest in surgery. I have been the Assembly Member for the NACAM since 2013. I am a member of the WSAVA’s PR Committee and a Board Member of the WSAVA Foundation.


How were you selected as Assembly Member for NACAM?


As I was already involved in the Committee for Young Veterinarians of the Royal Dutch Veterinary Association (KNMvD), of which the NACAM is part, I applied and was elected as a NACAM Board Member with the WSAVA Assembly role within my portfolio.


What does your role as an Assembly Member involve?


I am the link between the NACAM and WSAVA. Once a year I attend the WSAVA Assembly Meeting and Congress. I also try to attend regional meetings where the WSAVA and/or NACAM is involved. It is important for the WSAVA to stay in touch with its member associations and for members to know what’s going on in their country. I keep our members updated about the great work the WSAVA does and about the benefits of membership.


How would you advise a colleague in another country who is interested in becoming a WSAVA Assembly Member? What skills or personal qualities are helpful?


If you are interested in making a wider contribution to the veterinary profession, being involved in your country’s veterinary association is the first step. As WSAVA Assembly Member, you represent your country association within the Assembly so you need to be involved in it in order to make decisions on its behalf. As long as you are social, enthusiastic and eager to learn, you will be welcomed by the WSAVA family.


What do you enjoy about your involvement with the WSAVA?


The enthusiasm of my colleagues has made it easy to feel that I am a WSAVA veterinarian and part of our global veterinary community. I have a strong interest in communications which is why I was keen to support the WSAVA’s PR and communications activities. I enjoy helping to develop our social media strategy and running our new Instagram account. I am lucky to be a veterinarian in a highly-developed country and really want to contribute to the WSAVA’s mission of enhancing companion animal health and welfare globally.