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HealthforAnimals guide aims to fill the void between vaccination facts and fiction

Published: 10/25/2016

HealthforAnimals, the global animal medicines association, has released a ‘myth-busting’ guide for pet owners which addresses misconceptions surrounding vaccination. It has produced the guide and accompanying infographic in response to media stories about the side-effects of vaccinations.

Carel du Marchie Sarvaas, Executive Director, says: “Vaccines are routinely given to pets by a veterinarian to protect them against diseases that allow them to safely remain part of our families for as long as possible. Vaccines also ensure a safe and sustainable food supply by protecting food-producing animals against infectious diseases. Prevention is better than cure. By ensuring animal health and wellbeing through vaccination, as well as herd health plans and proper hygiene, we can also work towards reducing our use of antibiotics. We hope our Guide will dispel some of the myths that surround vaccination which has in fact has profoundly influenced and improved the health of both animals and people globally, and will continue to be a fundamental tool to meet future health challenges.”

Download the infographic