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Exciting times for WSAVA Committee Member

Published: 9/3/2018
He opens first 24x7 veterinary hospital in Mumbai and moves into the media...

WSAVA Congress Steering Committee and One Health Committee member Dr Umesh Karkare has recently launched the first 24x7 veterinary hospital in Mumbai, India A six storey state-of-the-art facility, the new Happy Tails Veterinary Specialty Hospital includes a full-service 24x7 emergency and critical care unit, as well as the latest diagnostics, surgery and post-operative recovery facilities and a clinical pathology laboratory.


Dr Karkare has also become a consultant to, an online news network that aims to become the online news destination for India’s rapidly growing population of pet owners. is led by senior journalists and covers pet news, small animal health, global pet news, veterinary news and updates, interviews and important events in the pets world .

Dr Karkare says: “India lacks a one-stop-shop for pet-related content, serious news and analysis in the veterinary space. As not everything related to veterinary science is easily understandable for a pet parent, aims to bridge the information gap by providing provide credible information that better equips India’s pet owners to ensure the health and wellbeing of their animals.

“Happy Tails Veterinary Speciality supports with veterinary research and our specialist doctors are a source of content based our daily experience in practice. We see the platform as a huge opportunity to explore ways to collaborate with global experts and associations such as the WSAVA, and aim to build it into a veterinary news destination that transcends borders.”