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Equitable access to veterinary therapeutics – we need it now!

Published: 4/2/2018

Together we can help our colleagues and relieve patient suffering. Please support our campaign! Access by veterinary professionals to the diagnostics and therapeutic modalities they need is the foundation of patient care and we hear frequent frustration from many of our members at the difficulty they experience in accessing products they require. It affects the quality of veterinary treatment that they provide and means that many thousands of animals do not receive optimum care. 

We have launched a campaign to secure equitable access to veterinary therapeutics for all of our members.  As a first step, we have created a Position Statement and are delighted that the Federation of  European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations, the Federation of Asian Small Animal Veterinary Associations, the Federation of Asian Veterinarians, Federación Iberoamericana de Asociaciones Veterinarias de Animales de Compañía, the Commonwealth Veterinary Association and HealthforAnimals, the global animal medicines association, have become co-signatories reflecting the global importance of this issue to veterinarians.

We will shortly launch a campaign to encourage wider endorsement among our member associations and will share the results of our latest survey into access to veterinary therapeutics. We are also planning a summit of key stakeholders to take place during #wsava2018 in Singapore.

Our work in this area is led by our newly-created Therapeutics Guidelines Group (TGG), which focuses on member and stakeholder engagement and on developing minimum pharmacy standards/requirements.

WSAVA President Walt Ingwersen says: “We’ve been working in this area for some time, for instance, through our Global Pain Council’s campaign against the international scheduling of ketamine. We have also developed a minimum analgesic position statement.  This campaign is the next step in tackling this serious global welfare issue. We urge members to support us and will provide regular updates on our progress.”

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