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Ear disease in dogs

Published: 5/7/2018

Check out the disease processes behind Pseudomonas ear infections in this article from the latest issue of The Journal of Small Animal Practice (JSAP), our official scientific journal. Ear infection with Pseudomonas spp. can be challenging as it is often secondary to another disease process. Professor Nick Jeffery, editor-in-chief of JSAP, highlights a paper that looks at the variety of associated diseases in a referral practice setting.

Ear infection with Pseudomonas spp. can be difficult to treat, in many cases because it is secondary to an unrecognized primary disease process. In this month’s JSAP, Drs Paterson and Matyskiewicz summarize the variety of primary diseases associated with Pseudomonas ear infections in a referral practice in the northwest of England, and specifically reports that atopic skin disease is common in affected dogs. Although the distribution of inciting causes cannot be expected to be precisely duplicated in another population of dogs, this information provides a solid foundation on which to base investigation of similar otitis cases in general practice.  

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