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Committee Focus

Published: 12/12/2016

In this issue, we bring you up to date with the work of the newly formed Regional Member Advocate Committee

One of the biggest challenges facing a global association like the WSAVA is communication and this is where our new Regional Member Advocate Committee (RMA) is playing a key role.

Set up in 2015, the RMA aims to enhance communication between the Executive Board and our member associations and to help ensure that our activities meet the needs of all of our members in their own regions. In doing this, it will help us to drive forward our global agenda of enhancing veterinary care around the world.

We have appointed Regional Advocates for Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Australia/Oceania, and Affiliates under the chairmanship of Dr Brook Niemiec. Each is tasked with providing recommendations as to how best to implement our initiatives in their own region in order to ensure that veterinarians ‘on the ground’ benefit. They have already been instrumental in helping us to secure a good response to a survey we carried out into the availability of therapeutics and they are also helping us to recruit new members in their regions.

Brook NiemicCommenting on its progress so far, Brook Niemiec says: “We are really excited at the opportunity our RMAs give us to work more collaboratively as a global organization and to deliver on our vision of becoming a 'global veterinary community’. Through the RMAs acting as communication facilitators between the Executive Board and individual member associations, we not only improve the Board’s understanding of the needs of our members but we also enable members in our regions to benefit more fully from what we can offer. As we complete our RMA team, we are becoming a vital link in communication within the WSAVA.”





Who is your Regional Member Advocate?


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No RMA as yet

Latin America:

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For more information on the work of the RMA, please email Brook at