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Association spotlight

Published: 2/11/2019

Meet the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, the host association for #WSAVA 2019. Tanya Frye, its Communications and Public Relations Manager, introduces it to us... Could you briefly introduce CVMA to WSAVA members?
Established in 1948, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) is a member-based organization representing the veterinary profession in Canada. The CVMA has 7,303 veterinarians and student members.

What are the key challenges facing veterinary professionals in Canada?
Two key challenges that veterinary professionals in Canada face are enhancing antimicrobial stewardship and supporting the development of better animal welfare standards.

How does the CVMA help?
New Canadian federal policies and regulations requiring mandatory veterinary oversight of the use of antimicrobials in animals are now implemented. The CVMA recently rolled out online guidelines on antimicrobial use to support Canadian veterinarians in making informed decisions on appropriate and responsible use of antimicrobials in animals.

CVMA has lobbied the federal government on introducing amendments to Canada’s Criminal Code in areas covering, for example, bestiality and animal fighting, to help protect the safety of Canadians and deter animal abuse. With respect to the humane transport of animals, CVMA has recommended to the federal government that it dedicate the necessary resources to enforcement, training and research in support of the upcoming amendments to the Humane Transportation Regulations.

How does WSAVA membership benefit your members?
CVMA members have taken advantage of CE information provided by the Clinical Committees of the WSAVA, including those covering vaccination, pain management and nutrition.

CVMA is hosting WSAVA World Congress this year.  What’s your vision for the event?
We are looking forward to bringing national CE to a global audience and to showcasing our diverse country!