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Association spotlight

Published: 8/1/2018

Meet the Spanish Small Animal Veterinary Association (AVEPA)... The Spanish Small Animal Veterinary Association (AVEPA) has more than 5,000 members – 80% of veterinarians dedicated to companion animal medicine in Spain. Dr Jordi Franch, AVEPA President introduces it: 

Could you briefly introduce AVEPA to WSAVA members?
AVEPA was founded 53 years ago and carries out a range of activities for our members. We aim to offer veterinarians and their colleagues CE of the highest standard to contribute to the improvement of animal welfare. We also represent the profession in many areas. AVEPA is member of the WSAVA, a founder member of Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA) and of Iberoamerican Federation of Small Animal Veterinary Associations (FIAVAC).

What support do you offer to your members and what issues in Spain are you most focused on helping to resolve at the moment?
We run more than 100 events a year - congresses, seminars, practical workshops, webinars, online courses etc. The Southern European Veterinary Conference (SEVC) attended by more than 2,500 professionals annually, is the most significant. We also offer our members access to an online scientific database and access to numerous books and specialty scientific journals. Other services we offer include a veterinary specialization program which gives our members the opportunity to gain accreditation in more than 15 specialties.

What do you expect the highlights of 2018 to be?
SEVC Congress is a highlight but we are also working on the development of a new project for the accreditation of veterinarians who wish to work in the companion animal field in collaboration with the European Directive of Veterinary Continuous Education in Europe (VetCEE). VetCEE is an independent organization, which runs an accreditation scheme for post-graduate veterinary programmes in different fields of veterinary medicine.

Why is membership of the WSAVA important?
We have been a member of the WSAVA since the start and always participate actively in its activities and proposals. We have hosted three World Congresses (Barcelona 1980, Barcelona 1988 and Granada 2002).

It is important for us to be a member because we want to participate in the global veterinary community in order to enhance the health and welfare of companion animals. Membership also helps us to support the professional and personal improvement of the veterinary profession around the world.