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Association spotlight

Published: 4/15/2019

During #WSAVA2018, the Mexican Association of Veterinarians Specialists in Small Animals (AMMVEPE) rejoined the WSAVA following an absence of 15 years. Its President, Dr Riad Katrib, tells us why it’s good to be back... How are things with AMMVEPE today? What are your strengths and what challenges do you face?
I am proud to say that we are the most highly respected veterinary association in the country. We have members from right across Mexico and the veterinary industry gives us great support.  Our congress is one of the most important and fastest growing in Mexico.

What does it mean to be a member of the WSAVA once more?
It means we are back on the world stage which is where we want to be. Being part of the WSAVA also gives our members many benefits.  For instance, during our 2019 congress in Acapulco, the WSAVA will be discussing its Global Nutrition Guidelines.

How are companion animal veterinarians faring in Mexico today?
We still face many challenges.  Pet ownership is growing and owners want a high standard of veterinary care.  Continuing Education (CE) is the most important focus for us and AMMVEPE runs monthly CE meetings.  We hold them in the veterinary school in the University City and plan to start broadcasting them live on Facebook.  We also held a conference in December 2018 in Mexico City and, of course, our annual congress in Acapulco is coming up.  It is important for veterinarians that the profession develops and that we have better medicines and equipment because this enables us to provide a high level of care and to charge more realistic prices.

What are AMMVEPE’s plans for the future?
For now, we plan to consolidate our position as the most important veterinary association in Mexico and to grow our congress.  We are also keen to capitalize on the benefits that WSAVA membership offers us.