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Association spotlight

Published: 3/11/2019

Meet the WSAVA member the South African Veterinary Association (SAVA). Dr David Miller, Chair of the National Veterinary Clinicians Group (NVCG), a branch of SAVA, tells us about its work... Could you briefly introduce SAVA to WSAVA members?
SAVA represents the interests of veterinary professionals in South Africa. We also promote veterinary science and the veterinary profession and serve South Africa.

How does SAVA support veterinarians?
SAVA is an active association and we support our members in the following ways, both centrally and through our network of regional branches:

  • Advocacy – representing the profession to government and other stakeholders
  • Marketing – promoting the importance of the profession to members, non-members, stakeholders and the wider public.
  • Media – producing VetNews, a print and online news publication for members and the Journal of the South African Veterinary Association (JSAVA), its scientific journal.
  • Committees and special interest groups – these cover a range of subjects.
  • Support for veterinary students – a current focus.
  • CE – SAVA Congress is held every two years in July and includes an awards dinner. The NVCG also holds its own congress and many SAVA special interest groups also run CE, while SAVA branches run mini congresses and CE events.
  • Veterinary wellness – assisting members in coping with the challenges of the job and supporting veterinarians in need.  We include a wellness session in all of our congresses.

What are the key challenges facing veterinary professionals in South Africa?
South Africa is rich in wildlife but we also suffer from the curse of poachers, who continue to decimate our population of rhino in particular.  We have established a Veterinary Rhino Fund to equip veterinarians with the knowledge and skills to treat rhinos which survive poaching incidents.

How does WSAVA membership benefit your members?
SAVA members attend World Congress and many use the WSAVA’s Global Guidelines to support their on-going CE.  The NVCG also monitors speakers at WSAVA Congress and sometimes invites them to present courses for our members.