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Association Spotlight

Published: 11/19/2018

Meet our new member the Pets Veterinary Sciences Promotion Foundation (PVSPF) from Pakistan... Dr Syed Jamshed Tahir, its President, introduces it:

Could you describe the PVSPF?
The PVSPF is a new association for companion animal veterinarians in Pakistan. It has been created to raise standards of veterinary care in our country. We run seminars, workshops and hands-on practical workshops to support our member practitioners.

What did you want to become a member of the WSAVA?
As we are now WSAVA members, we are aiming to adopt its Global Guidelines on vaccination and other aspects of veterinary care. Our members will also benefit from the other resources and updates offered by the WSAVA. We hope to hold conferences and seminars in Pakistan with the support of the WSAVA and to bring international speakers to our country. We hope that this will help us to raise the standards of veterinary care we offer to pets and we will be working hard as a team towards this goal.